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BUPA is widely recognised as one of the largest private health insurance companies in the UK and has more than 400 hospitals, providing care to patients in 200 countries across the world. It has been operating for over 60 years and has about 3 million UK customers. As well as accessing healthcare, through one of BUPA’s hospitals or at home, patients can also choose from a comprehensive range of BUPA medical insurance.

There are private health insurance schemes to suit individuals as well as family health insurance schemes. It is also possible to add family members onto an existing private health insurance policy. Here are some details of the types of cover available through BUPA.

Heartbeat range

There are 5 different BUPA health insurance policies in the Heartbeat range, and the cover varies for each of these, dependant on your requirements. However, all of these policies have the following features:

  • Treatment is readily accessible so you donít have to wait
  • A choice of more than 400 hospitals for treatment
  • 24 hour medical support from qualified nurses
  • A high level of care by a team of qualified specialists and consultants
  • Treatment through innovative medicines and procedures
  • A first rate and efficient claims service

The Heartbeat range of cover comes under BUPA medical insurance plans called Health care select 1 through to 4, with Health care select 1 offering the highest level of cover. Healthcare select heart and cancer also comes under this range, and covers consultations, tests and private hospital treatment related to heart and cancer conditions.

Critical Illness Cover

With this type of policy you receive a one off lump sum to help you meet bills and the costs of treatment, should you experience one of 36 particular illnesses or operations whilst you are a policyholder. You will be given details of the illnesses and operations covered when you apply for cover.

BUPA offers three levels of cover dependant on your requirements and your budget, and you can add your children to the policy free of charge. The scheme also has a support line to offer advice. You can add optional extras onto a critical illness policy, some of which include:

  • A choice in the length of cover from 5 to 40 years
  • Mortgage protection to pay your outstanding mortgage balance
  • A guaranteed level of premiums throughout the life of the policy
  • A premium waiver after 3 months if you are too ill to return to work

There are certain conditions in which cover will not apply and these include operations that arenít needed, injuries that are self-inflicted, claims for children that relate to a condition that the child was born with or illnesses that were present before cover commenced.

Income Protection Scheme

This type of cover pays out a regular sum if you become ill. Again, there is a choice of cover dependant on your situation, and you can get help and advice via telephone support. There are also different options for this type of BUPA health insurance, such as, various lengths of cover, and a career break option, enabling you to reduce your premiums if you are not working.

There are certain policy exclusions which are detailed under the policy.

Health Cash Plans

These are a form of private health insurance that allow you to reclaim 100% of the cost of regular treatments, for instance, dental, optician’s and physiotherapy fees. You pay a regular monthly amount and choose the benefit level that suits you. There are different plans on offer dependant on which types of treatment you want to cover. Even if you have already paid for your treatment, as long as you have a health cash plan, you can reclaim the amount by sending your receipt to BUPA with a claim form.

If you are interested in BUPA private health insurance, we can help you to decide which cover is right for you. By filling in our online form you can receive information on the extensive range of private medical insurance that we can provide through BUPA as well as many other reputable health insurance providers.


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