Health Insurance Companies

We deal with a broad selection of private health insurance companies so we can obtain the best health insurance for you at the best possible price. Below we have given you details about some of the major health insurance providers so that you can find out more. You can also read our articles about BUPA, PruHealth, Simply Health and Tesco Health Insurance if you want to learn more about these particular health insurance companies.


BUPA is one of the big names in affordable health insurance providing hospital care and a vast range of medical insurance. As well as offering five different health insurance policies BUPA also offers Income Protection Schemes, Critical Illness cover, and Health Cash Plans to pay for visits to the dentists, opticians, physiotherapist and other day to day treatments. The Income Protection Schemes pay out a regular monthly sum should you become ill, whereas Critical Illness cover pays out a large lump sum in the event of you experiencing a particular illness or needing a specific operation.


This company is connected to the large insurance company Prudential plc, which has been operating since 1848 in the UK. Pru private health insurance offers four different levels of cover and the company has over 400 hospitals available. Pru also has incentive schemes in the form of No Claims Discount, which increases yearly providing you don’t make a claim, and the Vitality Programme through which you can earn points for healthy living. Once these points reach a specified level they can be used to obtain discounts off your insurance premiums.

Tesco Health Insurance

Part of the giant shopping chain, Tesco Health Insurance has a variety of private family health insurance policies for adults and children. Adult medical health insurance starts at a basic low cost level with options to add speedy referral for tests and consultations, or therapies such as homeopathy, physiotherapy and acupuncture. The children’s medical insurance policies enable you to get an early diagnosis in the event of a major illness.

Simply Health

Simply Health has also been known by the names of HSA, BCWA, HealthSure, LHF and Totally Active. It offers private health insurance and health cash plans. There is a Core Cover policy and three additional choices of extensions in cover. These relate to surgery fees, complementary therapies and heart and cancer treatments. The health cash plans refund you for medical fees such as dental or osteopathy and there are four different levels of cover.


Allianz is an international provider of individual health insurance and company health insurance and is part of the Alianz group, which is one of the leading insurance companies worldwide. The group was founded in 1890 and has 75 million customers. Allianz offers Core Plans for individual health insurance, Maternity Plans, Dental Plans and Repatriation Plans. Customers who take out private health insurance plans with Allianz are sent an Individual Benefit Guide giving them detailed information on benefits, exclusions and how to claim, as well as other important facts.


As the third biggest private health insurance company in the UK, Aviva has an extensive range of health insurance products. Through Aviva’s No Claims Discount Scheme you can get a massive discount of up to 66% if you do not make any claims under your policy. The company also has a ‘My Health Counts’ scheme with one of its policies, under which you can qualify for as much as 15% off your insurance premium. This discount is dependent on improving your health and Aviva gives advice on ways to achieve this.


This company has been providing healthcare for over 70 years, and has over 250 hospitals, which are maintained to a high standard. AXA PPP has a choice of affordable health insurance plans with quick referrals for treatment. It offers telephone support for cancer patients and has a ‘Dedicated Nurse’ service for all patients. No Claims Discount starts at 40% for all private health insurance plans, with a maximum of 50% over time providing you don’t make a claim.

National Friendly

As well as offering affordable health insurance, National Friendly fixes its premiums for five years making it easier for you to budget for your private health insurance plan. It has a variety of health insurance policies with different levels of cover and also has cash plans to take care of day to day medical costs. There is a limit to the company’s overnight cash payments, which is 10 nights a year. One of the impressive things about National Friendly is that it is known for being reliable and has one of the best efficiency ratings in the market.

Standard Life

With Standard Life even the Core Healthcare plan offers wide-ranging cover for cancer, which is unusual when compared to most other companies. The Core Healthcare plan is customisable so you have up to 11 options of different elements that you can add onto your policy. This means that you can add on the items that are most important to you and that fit within your budget. No Claims Discount starts at 50% rising to 65% eventually if you do not make any claims under your policy. You can also add your children onto your policy and will only have to pay for the first child.


Health-on-Line arranges private healthcare insurance through AXA PPP. Over 200 hospitals are available to patients and the company offers up to 50% No Claims Discount off its premiums. Cover can be customised; starting with the basic ‘Essential Cover’, you can choose from nine different options to add on to your private health insurance plan. Options include a range of therapies, psychiatric care, extended cancer cover and dental or optical benefits. Because of these options Health-on-Line’s medical insurance plans are useful for people who want to decide what specific areas they want including on the policy.


Saga specialises in offering private health insurance to people aged over 50, and has been doing so for more than 20 years. For people in this age group the company offers affordable health insurance, which may be difficult or more costly to obtain elsewhere. There are four different policies in the range of health insurance plans and each of these gives unlimited inpatient cover. The levels for out-patient and day-patient cover differ according to the particular policy selected.

These are just some of the many health insurance companies we deal with. If you want to find out more about our comprehensive range of medical insurance policies, please let us have some information about you by filling in our online form. We can then get back to you with some private health insurance quotes. The form is quick and easy to fill in for your convenience.

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