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Pru private health insurance is provided by PruHealth, which was founded in 2004 by Prudential plc in conjunction with Discovery Insurance. Prudential is a well established insurance company, which has been operating in the UK since 1848.

Apart from a range of different types of cover to suit all budgets, PruHealth also offers incentives that take the form of No Claims Discount (NCD), and the Vitality programme, which rewards people for taking care of their health.

All of PruHealth’s family health insurance policies cover hospital stays, scans and cancer treatment including radiotherapy and chemotherapy, with no financial limits. Treatment takes place in either a private hospital or as a private patient in an NHS hospital. Pru medical insurance also comprises of a cash benefit for childbirth, home nursing and accommodation for parents of children under the age of 12 who are being treated. Additionally there is a 24 hour free telephone support service, allowing you to access GP’s for professional advice.

Types of Cover

Pru private health insurance has 4 different insurance plans called ‘Value’, ‘Core’, ‘Select’ and ‘Comprehensive. These vary in price and the level of cover, with the ‘Comprehensive’ plan offering psychiatric care to the value of £20,000 per annum, and higher levels of cover for chiropractic treatments and osteopathy. The level of cover for other types of treatment also varies depending on the type of policy. Full details of exclusions to cover are given with the policy wording.


Not only does Pru medical insurance have over 400 hospitals, but the company also runs a system of hospital lists dependant on the level of your cover. At the basic level is the local list, which covers Spire Healthcare and the majority of the BMI Healthcare hospitals, but doesn’t include London. The National List includes the Nuffield Health hospitals as well, and the London list also encompasses central London hospitals including HCA Healthcare. The top level of hospital coverage is the Premier list, which gives access to over 400 hospitals.

No Claims Discount

An advantage of taking out private health insurance through PruHealth is the No Claims Discount that is offered. This starts at 25% for people who have not made a claim on a health insurance policy during the 2 years prior to taking out the policy. For those that have made a claim in the last two year the NCD starts at 15%. The NCD then increases by 5% each year providing you have not made a claim in that year. However, if you do make a claim the NCD drops back two levels i.e. by two lots of 5%, and you have to start building it up again. The maximum NCD on any policy is 35%.

Vitality Programme

This programme is another of the benefits that Pru health insurance offers. Under this scheme you receive a discount for keeping healthy. To qualify for the discount you have to build up points, which you can do if you don’t smoke, eat healthily and attend a gym.

Depending on the amount of points you have built up you could qualify for a silver, gold or platinum discount. The level of discount is equivalent to1 month, 2 months or 3 months premium respectively. You can qualify even if you have had claims under the policy.

PruHealth is also in partnership with several companies such as Eurostar, Cineworld and Champneys Health Spas, which means you can save money through these companies if you qualify for the Vitality Programme.

By answering a few straightforward questions in our online form you will be able to access the range of policies that we provide through Pru health insurance as well as countless other insurance companies that we work with.


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