Simply Health Insurance

Simply Health Insurance was originally known by the name of HSA (Hospital Savings Association) and dates back almost 140 years. The company has also been known by the names of BCWA, HealthSure, LHF and Totally Active, and was renamed Simply Health eight years ago. It now has more than 1.3 million customers.

Simply Health offers family health insurance, individual health insurance and health insurance for businesses. It also has health cash plans including dental plans. Whereas Simply Health private health insurance covers you for treatment related to medical conditions, the Simply Health cash plans allow you to reclaim money for bills relating to everyday treatments such as dental, optical or physiotherapy.

Simply Private Health Insurance

Some of the features of Simply Health medical insurance are:

  • Cover for all consultations and diagnostic tests
  • Option to include cover to receive surgery promptly
  • Treatment is paid for direct giving you convenience
  • 5% discount for non-smokers
  • Three different levels of cover

Simply Health’s Core Cover relates to consultations, and scans and tests to diagnose a medical condition. You then have three choices that provide cover in addition to the core cover. These are: Choice 1 – Surgery, Choice 2 – Complementary Therapies and Choice 3 – Heart and Cancer Treatment.

Choice 1 covers surgery fees in full in the event of an operation as well as other hospital charges relating to surgery, consultations with your surgeon for 3 months after the operation, and the cost of accommodation for a parent to stay with their child who is receiving treatment, provided that the child is less than 12 years of age. You will also receive £250 for each day or night that you are receiving free treatment under the NHS.

Choice 2 of Simply Health medical insurance is in relation to complementary therapies as an out-patient including physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture and homeopathy.

Choice 3 covers heart and cancer treatments and insures the policyholder for up to £50,000 for cancer treatment and £50,000 for heart treatment throughout the life of the policy. Heart treatment includes surgery, clinical care and post operative consultations for two years. Cancer treatment encompasses chemotherapy, radiotherapy, oncology, surgery and other drugs, and ongoing consultations for up to 5 years. With both heart treatment and cancer treatment you receive £250 for each night that you receive treatment under the NHS, and with cancer treatment Simply Health will pay £100 to a hospice for each night if you need to receive care there.

Simply Health medical insurance has a compulsory excess of £100 should you need to make a claim under your health insurance policy, and claims have to be arranged through Simply Health’s Service + helpline.

Health Cash Plans

The Simply Health Insurance range of cash plans includes the Simply Cash Plan, Simply Dental Plan, Simply Osteopathy Plan and the Simply Chiropractic Plan.

Simply Cash Plan

This is available for people aged 18 to 69 and residing in the UK. Payments are made monthly and there is a yearly limit for claims. The cover comes under four different levels with the highest cost level giving the biggest payout in the event of a claim. As well as covering a range of treatments and consultations, these policies also provide a lump sum for each child that is born, payouts for stays in hospital and cover you whilst in Europe for up to 28 days.

Simply Dental Plan

Eligibility is also for UK residents between the ages of 18 and 69. Again there are four different levels of cover starting from low priced cover and rising in line with the value of the benefits available under the policy. There is an annual limit to the amount of money that can be claimed, which varies according to the level of cover.

Simply Osteopathy and Chiropractic Cash Plans

Simply Osteopathy and Chiropractic Cash Plans
As well as osteopathy and chiropractic treatments, these cash plans also cover other therapies such as homeopathy and acupuncture. These policies have four different levels of cover as with all Simply cash plans and the amount of benefits are dependent on the level with annual set limits.

To find out more about Simply Health private health insurance please fill in our short online form. This will enable us to assess your needs and give you details about the extensive range of private health insurance that we offer through Simply Health and our many other health insurance providers.


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