Tesco Health Insurance

Tesco health insurance is just one segment in the vast range of products offered by this giant supermarket chain. Cover is offered through AXA PPP, which is one of the biggest private medical insurance companies in the UK with 250 private hospitals.

There is a choice of family health insurance policies with separate cover for children at low monthly premiums. Both the adults and the children’s private health insurance plans provide cover without the need for a medical by filling in a basic application form. They have a telephone support line and allow you to visit a specialist on your chosen date. Another facility that Tesco medical insurance offers is the payment of fees direct to the hospital to make it more convenient for you.

Adult Medical Insurance

Low cost Tesco private health insurance starts with the basic level of cover, which is the Operations and Procedures plan. This is the cheapest level and includes the costs of surgery and treatment (needing a hospital stay of up to one day) CT, PET and MRI scans, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The monthly premiums then rise according to the optional extras that you wish to add. These are:

- Option 1 – This provides speedy referral for consultations and tests and specialist fees. The limit of cover for this option is £1,000 per annum, which usually covers about 6 referrals.

- Option 2 – This provides for additional therapies, which are homeopathic treatment, chiropractic therapy, physiotherapy and acupuncture. Again this option has a total limit for cover of £1,000 per annum.

You can also choose to add both Option 1 and Option 2 to the policy.

Another add-on to Tesco private health insurance is called the 6-week option whereby you can be treated privately if the NHS is not able to treat you within 6 weeks. However, if the NHS is able to treat you within this period, you will be treated by them. By adding this option to the policy you can reduce your monthly premiums.

Apart from the different costs of Tesco medical insurance according to the options you select, costs will also be dependent on your age, medical history, how much excess you pay and other factors.


Tesco private health insurance is designed to treat new medical conditions, so there are certain exclusions with Tesco health insurance policies. For example, they do not cover existing, ongoing or long-term illnesses. However, if within the first two years of the policy you do not need any treatment or consultation relating to a previous condition; it may be possible to obtain cover for that condition in the future. Full details of all exclusions are provided with the policy documents.

Children’s Medical Insurance

The cost of Tesco health insurance for children is substantially lower than that provided for adults and the cost per child decreases if there is more than one child insured.

Tesco’s child health insurance plans enable you to get an early diagnosis of any suspected illness as your child is referred direct to a consultant by your GP. Your child will also be treated privately within 6 weeks of diagnosis and you can choose the date and location that suits you. This could either be in a private hospital or through an NHS hospital but as a private patient.

Additionally, if you have to stay close to your child during treatment, your accommodation costs will be fully covered by the policy. The limit to accommodation costs is for cover to apply to one child under the age of 14.

Children’s Medical Insurance Exclusions

As with the adult medical insurance, certain exclusions apply which relate to existing medical conditions, chronic, long-term illnesses and emergency treatments. Full details of these are provided with the policy. In addition, all children’s policies have a condition that private cover is only available if the NHS cannot provide treatment within 6 weeks.


As well as having a patient support line, Tesco also offers advice via its website on making a claim and finding a hospital or specialist. If you want more details regarding Tesco medical insurance as well as the extensive range of cover that we can provide through our many other private health insurance providers, please fill in our quick and easy online form.


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