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My mum had a severe stroke about 2 years ago which has left her paralysed. Doctors say she will never be able to walk again.  I know if we had taken out private health insurance for our family, she would have been fast tracked for the right treatment at a hospital specialising in stroke conditions. Instead she had to wait for two weeks before she got a hospital bed in a dilapidated stroke unit.  Some nurses neglected my mum and she had a couple of nasty falls whilst in hospital care. My mum’s face was severely bruised. We complained to the health authority but no one listened to us. If we had chosen private health insurance we know our mum would have been treated like a decent human being and given the right treatment fast at the right hospital. I’ve signed up with e-Health cover and haven’t looked back. At least I know now, my family and I are covered if anything else happens to us.

Becky Jones, East London

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